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The Team Breakthrough family of personal trainers has been hand picked for their knowledge, their ability to support and motivate clients, and for their own sporting achievements.

Dave Wilby

Dave is the founder and CEO of Team Breakthrough.

It was his vision in 2002 to create a company that represented a new level in health and performance. A brand that guaranteed quality. Since then Dave has spent a countless time studying around the world with the best of the best. He has extensive knowledge in therapy, training, nutrition and functional medicine. His aim is to make Team Breakthrough a one stop shop for private health care, whether you have a bad back, a health problem, want to take control of your fitness or want to gain the edge over your rivals in your sport.

Dave is one of only a handful of people in the country who can perform soft tissue realignment of the atlas / axis (Neck) so spends a lot of time in this area however has vast experience in treating all sorts of problems. He also consults to major companies and runs corporate health programs to get the most out of their workforce. He finds great pleasure in achieving results where others have failed. All that considered he is surprisingly easy going and communicative. He likes a laugh and enjoy the finer things in life too.

He welcomes all clients from both professional athletes to the plenty of people who have no interest in sport whatsoever. Whether it be a small niggle or a long term degenerative problem Dave guarantees a 1st class service for everyone.

Amy Wilby

Manager of team breakthrough and head sports and beauty therapist.

George Youel

George is Team Breakthrough's assistant manager and an integral part of the personal training team. Coming from a martial arts background, fitness and wellbeing has always been a major part of his life. Recently his studies have been directed towards helping people with pain and discomfort in their body. George loves a challenge and especially likes helping people become pain free when others have given up on them. With his training history he has an obvious affinity towards helping those in combat sports. He is experienced in helping sports people of all ages prepare for their events.
George is a real hit with Team Breakthrough’s clients. He is supportive, enthusiastic and committed to helping people see real changes.

Katie Chalmers

Poliquin-trained and formerly a self confessed 'cardio queen', Katie has her own transformation experience to share with clients. After incorporating a structured resistance training element to her program her body fat went from 16% to an impressive 11.9%.

Katie has interned with some of the worlds best including Phil Richards and Phil Learney where her knowledge of training, nutrition and therapy is used on a daily basis. She is committed to supporting all clients, whatever their background or goals to achieving their own dreams with a warm and friendly approach.

She is a fantastic addition to the breakthrough team and has made telling contributions to many of our body transformation clients.

Tamsinn Hewitt

Tamsinn has been personal training for seven years.
She loves weight training and her enthusiasm is extremely infectious.
After her initial PT qualifications she studied with Paul Chek to improve her knowledge in postural correction and corrective exercise. She understands that in order to keep our clients training we need to understand any patterns of dysfunction that may lead to pain. Her interests in recent years have led her towards physical transformations and how to get the most out the body. She loves seeing clients drop large amounts of body fat and is especially good with the clients who wish to build muscle mass.

Simon Houston

Simon has worked in the fitness industry for 7 years. Over this time he has worked extensively on improving his knowledge of fitness and nutrition.He has Taken numerous courses and seminars with some of leading experts in the business for example Charles Poliquin, Phil Learny swell as a certification from Precision Nutrition.
He has taken a key interest in helping people improve muscular imbalances so they are pain free and achieve their goals while improve their health and function.
He is a fun character and massively enthusiastic. A great addition to the breakthrough team.

Sabrina Page

Sabrina comes to Team Breakthrough with an impressive amount of credentials. On top of a BSc (Hons) in sports coaching she went on to achieve a Masters in coaching science.
A former degree level lecturer Sabrina decided that her passion was helping people achieve their breakthrough's on a 121 basis.
She is a Neurosomatic therapist having studied under the guidance of the StJohn NST Centre in Tampa, Florida. Add this to her skills as a personal trainer this puts Sabrina in a great position to explain and resolve peoples pain issues wether that be through physical therapy or on the gym floor.
Sabrina welcomes clients with all kinds of pain and dysfunction from spinal conditions through to niggling injuries.

Mike Mills

Mike holds qualifications in Personal training, boxing, spinning, circuit training and sports nutrition. Add this to a BSc in sports studies and you can see that personal training is not just a job to him but a vocation. Mike is a black belt in Judo, has been successful at national level and now coaches university judo clubs.
Popular with our client base Mike is developing quite a reputation for results, helping clients with their fat loss goals. He is warm, friendly and sympathetic with his approach.

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