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Everyone thinks about a health kick. But a health kick never lasts for long.

A complete transformation of how you feel about yourself, how your body looks, and how you cope with life; now that’s worth sticking to.

The difference between Team Breakthrough and a conventional gym is the level of support and enthusiasm you receive from the team to reach your goal – whether that’s to get fit for a wedding, to optimise your performance at work, or to achieve a PB in your specialist sport. We will take you there.

And our results speak for themselves. You are not just another member of an overcrowded gym. At Team Breakthrough we guide you, support you and motivate you.

Our centre is perfect for people who ‘don’t like gyms’. We cater for everyone, from children to athletes. Have you been put off conventional gyms? Left to your own devices, not really knowing how to form your own training programme, amid body builders and lycra-clad dolls? We guarantee that you will find a warm welcome at Team Breakthrough.

Physical Assessment

  • Measurements
  • Photos
  • Spinal analysis & posture assessment
  • Movement assessment
  • Strength Tests
1 Hour - £60

Step 1

Nutrition Session

  • Outline dietary guidelines
  • Review current plan
  • Produce personalised diet plans to take away and follow
1 Hour - £60

Step 2

Building Your Program (mix and match from the following 2 options)

Personal Training

  • We work as a team so you benefit from seeing all our trainers
  • Every session is documented and planned to add continuity and to ensure profression

1 Hour – £45


Training in small groups also available


Group Sessions

  • These can be used to pad out your program and when budget is an issue.

1 Hour – £10

Private Group Training

  • If you wish to train with friends or a group with a collective sporting goal then this option will save £’s
1 Hour - £60

Step 3

Review Session

15 min review / remeasure with master trainer every 4 weeks

Free of charge.

Step 4

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6pm (healthy back)







1pm(healthy back)




4.30pm (girls)

5:30pm (boys)



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