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Team Breakthrough is committed to excellence; excellence in the services we deliver to clients; excellence in our level of knowledge and expertise; and excellence in the facilities we offer.

Group Training Sessions

Group training sessions are a massively effective way of achieving your fitness goals without the expense of 1-2-1 sessions with your own trainer.

They are also a useful and cost-effective way of boosting your personal training programme. Class sizes are always limited to 10 to enable our training staff to give group members individual attention and ensure that they are carrying out all the exercises effectively and safely. We have many clients who have seen great results from these sessions.

See below for timetable:

Monday – 10am – Breakthrough Group Training

7pm – Breakthrough Group Training


Tuesday – 1pm – Breakthrough Group Training

6pm – Healthy Back

7pm – Breakthrough Group Training


Wednesday – 10am – Breakthrough Group Training

7pm – Breakthrough Group Training


Thursday – 11am – Breakthrough Group Training

1pm – Healthy Back

7pm – Breakthrough Group Training


Friday – 10am – Breakthrough Group ..

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Personal Training

Are you ever frustrated by how busy your gym is?
You can’t do the workout you had planned as the stations are busy?
The dumbells you need are being used so you have to use an incorrect weight?
You’ve tried a personal trainer but their sessions are limited and repetitive due to lack of equipment.
You’ve tried going to the gym but feel like you need more guidance and personal attention?
No one is there to support you if you are having an ‘off’ week or can’t seem to get back into training after an illness or holiday?
Team Breakthrough clients have a different training experience. Everyone has access to world-class facilities for exclusive use with personal trainers. Your training will be targeted, personalised, and results-driven. You will never be left to flounder on your own and will always be supported, with a variety of plateau busting training programmes designed ..

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There is always a new fad, a new diet, a new craze. And on next week’s news, the latest research will give us completely contradictory advice. Help!

Nutrition is a minefield of information, however, Team Breakthrough has invested a great deal of time and energy into research and education in the field of nutrition.

In order to perform to the best of your abilities, in the gym, at work and at home, you need to fuel yourself correctly. There is so much more to nutrition than calorie counting. We find that clients are always keen to eat well but don’t know where to start. We assess you, your body, your life and your stress load and support you as you learn to shop, cook and eat simply and healthily.

Food is a key determinant of how you feel, your moods, and your body’s ability to loose weight or gain muscle. ..

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Neuromuscular Therapy / Atlas – Axis Therapy / The Ali Method / Manipulative Therapy

Don’t let pain and injury become part of your daily life. Making the time to address your body’s cry for help is crucial.

Reduce pain
Heal old niggles or new injuries
Specialist therapy backed by in-depth research and training
Ongoing personal support
Our therapy team has studied with some of the world’s best manual therapists.

The Team Breakthrough therapy team has helped thousands of patients get free from pain and injuries. We work with a variety of injuries, from spinal pathologies, to migraines to persistent niggling injuries – anything that is causing you pain, concern, or is affecting your daily life. Caught early on, a twinge can be stopped; treated with care, an old injury can be calmed and even healed.

We use a combination of techniques, however, we are most renowned for our approach to work on the neck. We use soft tissue techniques to rebalance the c-spine. In ..

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SCENAR Therapy

Scenar is a revolutionary electrotherapy treatment originating from Russia.

Initially designed for the space program, Scenar has developed into a mainstream therapy tool for massively boosting the body’s healing powers. It uses biofeedback to retune the nervous system, thus speeding up recovery from any pain or injury.

Scenar therapy assesses signals from the body’s nervous system and finds areas of disturbance or blockage. It uses electrical signals to form a 2 way communication with the nervous system, thereby having a rebalancing effect and activating the body’s own healing and pain-relief systems.

Scenar therapy is gentle and non-invasive. It can deliver rapid relief for injuries but also on-going treatment to chronic conditions. Healing processes have been shown to be up to 10 times quicker when combining Scenar with other therapies...

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Strength and Conditioning

“ The physical and physiological development of athletes for elite sporting performance. ”

We condition athletes to be stronger, more flexible, more powerful with reduced chances of injury. They will be faster, have increased agility, endurance and better posture.

Our highly-trained, high calibre staff have been mentored by the world’s leading strength and conditioning coaches and foremost performance experts. Several of them bring their own international sporting successes to help athletes achieve their own dreams.

We have an ever-growing track record in enhancing the performance of athletes in boxing, kickboxing, MMA, rugby, football, rowing, mountain biking, sprinting, motocross, gymnastics, tennis and many more sports. If you are looking to get the edge in your sport there is nowhere more suited to offer world class support and guidance with the facility to match.

Cutting edge training programmes – the latest and most effective training techniques in the industry
Backed by in-depth ..

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Sports Massage and Beauty Therapy

A visit to the gym isn’t only about getting fit and healthy, it is also about feeling your best. A beauty treatment or massage is a great way to reward yourself as you hit your weekly goals, or as a preparation for a special event.

Team Breakthrough clients enjoy an experience that is second to none. Our attention to detail means that your comfort is utmost and you can

sit back, relax and enjoy and well-earned treat. Amy Jarratt is our in house therapist. She offers a wide range of treatments including:

Sports massage
Lymphatic drainage
Ear candling
Manicures & pedicures
Hot stone massages
After working in some of the best spas in the world Team Breakthrough is proud to have Amy’s services available...

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