Give your child the opportunity to develop physical fundamental skills form strength & balance to agility in a fun and safe environment.

Team Breakthrough Academy

Breakthrough Academy aims to engage children in physical activity in a positive safe environment. At Team Breakthrough we are pioneers in creating fun safe workouts suitable for all ages and abilities and are now proud to offer extended classes in our Academy. We understand the importance of movement throughout all stages of our life, we aim to teach children the FUNdamental movement patterns that will increase their cognitive and neural function as well as promote healthy living. Important skills they can carry through life. But most importantly we aim to excite the children about movement and exercise – expose them to the different modalities and inspire them to live a healthier life.


Class timetable: 

Classes run term time only.

Monday – 4pm – 10&11 years

Monday – 5pm – 14-16 years

Tuesday – 4pm – 8&9 years

Wednesday – 4pm – 6&7 years

Wednesday – 5pm – 14-16 years

Thursday – 4pm – 8&9 years

Thursday – 5pm – 12-13 years

Friday – 4.30pm – 15-18 years (Females)



Classes are paid for by monthly direct debit of £25.