There is always a new fad, a new diet, a new craze. And on next week’s news, the latest research will give us completely contradictory advice. Help!
Nutrition is a minefield of information, however, Team Breakthrough has invested a great deal of time and energy into research and education in the field of nutrition.In order to perform to the best of your abilities, in the gym, at work and at home, you need to fuel yourself correctly. There is so much more to nutrition than calorie counting. We find that clients are always keen to eat well but don’t know where to start. We assess you, your body, your life and your stress load and support you as you learn to shop, cook and eat simply and healthily.Food is a key determinant of how you feel, your moods, and your body’s ability to loose weight or gain muscle. Our team have studied under some of the worlds leading doctors and functional medicine experts to decide what the best approaches are for every goal.Plans are created and made very simple to understand and follow. All personal training /transformation clients are highly recommended to book this session as it is integral to the results we are famed for.

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