Personal training and coached group training

When we started Team Breakthrough it was with the aim that we could provide the perfect environment for personal training and coached group training.

It is our priority to ensure that whatever workout you are doing is right for you.
We get to know our clients – even those in groups – to ensure that they are working at the correct pace, that programmes are varied to achieve stated aims and that they are safe from injury.

Individual clients are invited to come for an assessment, after which they are assigned a personal trainer. It is then up to you how frequently you come to the gym, but each session will be overseen by your own trainer and must be booked with him/her in advance.

You will be charged per session for PT . Payment is usually made at the end of each session.

Group PT / Class’s / Open gym sessions are by membership only and must be paid by direct debit.


Personal Training Costs

Standard charge for a training session is £48 per hour.
We operate a 24-hour cancellation policy, so if you cancel at least a day in advance you will not be charged.


Nutrition Sessions

A Nutrition Assessment and initial diet programme costs £60.


Pain & Injury Therapy

Each hour-long session is £70.


Small Group Training Sessions / Exercise Class’s

A 10 class (small group training) pass is £99 and can be purchased here:


Kids Academy

£25 per month ( over 12 month ) covering term time class’s ( 1 a week)
Contact for more info.


Payment Information

To snap up one of the limited amount of open gym only memberships then follow the link:

Then download the app to book yourself in:



contact us on 01225 743801 or email if you are having any difficulty. Booking is essential due to COVID as we have strict capacity.

Dave Wilby