Neouromuscular therapy / atlas-axis therapy / the Ali method

Don’t let pain and injury become part of your daily life. Making the time to address your body’s cry for help is crucial.

  • Reduce pain
  • Heal old niggles or new injuries
  • Specialist therapy backed by in-depth research and training
  • Ongoing personal support


Our therapy team has studied with some of the world’s best manual therapists.

The Team Breakthrough therapy team has helped thousands of patients get free from pain and injuries. We work with a variety of injuries, from spinal pathologies, to migraines to persistent niggling injuries – anything that is causing you pain, concern, or is affecting your daily life. Caught early on, a twinge can be stopped; treated with care, an old injury can be calmed and even healed.

We use a combination of techniques, however, we are most renowned for our approach to work on the neck. We use soft tissue techniques to rebalance the c-spine. In particular, David Wilby, has been personally tutored by Dr Ali to use the Ali method and honoured to be one of the first in England to be certified in this therapy (outside of the Ali family).

This approach works on the theory that any neck imbalance can restrict the vertebral artery thus impairing the flow of oxygen and nutrients to the subconscious brain, depending on which chamber of the brain is affected this can present as a problem anywhere in the body. This method frees the vertebral artery thus allowing full blood flow to the brain. It can be used to treat many conditions.

David has successfully completed a CPD course of peripheral and spinal manipulative techniques with London based Osteopath David Lintonbon DO and so uses these techniques where needed thus giving a complete therapeutic approach.

Scenar Therapy

Scenar is a revolutionary electrotherapy treatment originating from Russia.

Initially designed for the space program, Scenar has developed into a mainstream therapy tool for massively boosting the body’s healing powers. It uses biofeedback to retune the nervous system, thus speeding up recovery from any pain or injury.

Scenar therapy assesses signals from the body’s nervous system and finds areas of disturbance or blockage. It uses electrical signals to form a 2 way communication with the nervous system, thereby having a rebalancing effect and activating the body’s own healing and pain-relief systems.

Scenar therapy is gentle and non-invasive. It can deliver rapid relief for injuries but also on-going treatment to chronic conditions. Healing processes have been shown to be up to 10 times quicker when combining Scenar with other therapies.