Great companies are made by great people.

If you invest in the health and wellbeing of your team – large or small – the performance of your company will be boosted exponentially. Bring out the brilliance in your team and see the effect on your bottom line.


Benefits consist of but are not limited to:

  • Strengthened Immune systems – Less days off sick – How much will that save you per year?
  • Reduced Injuries/Back pain – Even less days off sick – more savings!
  • Improved mood and concentration – Think of the efficiency of the staff!
  • Sustained energy throughout the day – No drops in work rate mid afternoon.
  • Keep the staff happy – Staff will love coming to work as they are been provided with a service from UK’s elite.

Imagine an executive team performing at their best, feeling full of energy and ideas, or a sales team feeling motivated and positive – this could revolutionise your business.


Here’s how we can get your team back on track. Team Breakthrough offers many corporate packages, including:

  • Seminar/workshops which offer accessible and effective advice to staff covering cutting-edge exercise and training programmes to lose weight and/or boost performance
  • Nutritional advice that really works, backed by scientific research – nothing like conventional lectures on ‘health’!
  • Full day workshops to complete health revolution packages for the entire workforce and open their eyes to their own potential
  • 1 on 1 service with our top professionals for the company’s executives

We look to implement nutritional strategies for the work force which are simple, enjoyable and effective. We can also liaise with the catering staff to ensure people have the right dinner time options. The effect of these measures on productivity are astounding!

We look to introduce exercise to the team. Whether it be lectures on correct effective exercises or the best ways to lose weight and maintain great health. This alongside a personal training option will get the team firing on all cylinders.

And remember – company health schemes are tax deductible.