CEO Dave Wilby launched Team Breakthrough in 2003. His aim was to set a new benchmark for quality personal training and Neuromuscular therapy in the South West. It has grown consistently each year since to a point where it now employs 8 members of staff, has a world class gym/ treatment centre for the exclusive use of clients, and a widespread reputation for getting results.

 “Gyms can be scary. Change can be scarier. Take the first step. There will always be a reason to delay: ‘I don’t feel great after Christmas ‘ or ‘ I’ll wait until my back injury is better’. To make a successful breakthrough you need to take control now.  Make it top of your priority list and treat it like you would a work appointment in your diary. We can help you through every step of the process and take care of the technicalities of easing you back into fitness. You just need to take the first step. I guarantee you will feel a whole lot better about the challenge ahead after an assessment with one of my coaches.”

– Dave Wilby, CEO Team Breakthrough.


Dave Wilby

As well as our personal training and group training programmes we offer cutting edge neuromuscular therapy. We have built a reputation for easing and ultimately eliminating client’s pain. Specialist skills include resolving spinal problems and neck issues in particular. The number of happy customers is well into the 1000’s. (link to successes)

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