Your Questions Answered

These are some of the most common questions we are asked.

Can I just join on a membership basis and train by myself?

Unfortunately the answer here is a no. When we started Team Breakthrough it was with the aim that we could provide the perfect environment for personal training and coached group training. We therefore cannot cater for traditional gym memberships as we need the space and equipment for our clients who are our top priority.

How Long Will It Take To Get Fit?

Speed of results is a completely personal and individual decision. We have clients who need speedy results and we have demonstrated it can be done time and time again however we prefer to coach clients to build habits and a lifestyle that will serve them long term. We encourage a short term focus but also a 2nd component to the goal that is more in the mid term.

How Often Will I Need To Come?

It is obvious that the more you can see us the better and quicker the results are. We do however appreciate that everyone has their own budget of time and money. We have clients who come every day for 1-2-1 ranging to clients who come once a fortnight with homework in between. The majority of people combine the individual nature of 1-2-1 coaching with group training sessions to buffer out the programme.

Will I Need To Change My Diet?

If your goal is weight loss ,then YES. That is presuming what you have been doing to this point isn’t working. If your goal is pain management or we are seeing you in more of a pain management context then it doesn’t necessarily have to change.

Whatever changes we agree on we will coach in at the right gradient. You will not be asked to follow an extreme diet and we will do our very best to encourage a healthy approach.

What Qualifications Do Your Coaching Team Have?

There is no team with the unique combination of qualifications that we hold here at Team Breakthrough. To say it is extensive is an understatement. For 15 yrs we have had a no comprise, no expense spared approach to study. This has sent us all over the world learning from some of the worlds best. We bring that together at Breakthrough HQ.

I’m Worried I’m Not Fit Enough To Train With A Coach?

Our clients come from all backgrounds and all starting levels of fitness. Our job is to help everyone move to the next stage wherever they start. You will be met with a sympathetic and structured approach. We guarantee you will feel comfortable with the environment once you have spent a small amount of time with us.

What Other Facilities Do You Offer?

We have a worldclass neuromuscular therapist available who is particularly well regarded when it comes to necks and spinal problems.

We have the very best in sports massage therapy.

We have an infrared sauna for detoxification.

We have a shower facility for those wishing to get straight back to the office.

We have easy onsite parking.

I Like TB And Want To Get Fit But Personal Training Is Very Expensive. Is There A Cheaper Option?

There certainly is. You can train as a private group for £60 per session. So if you persuade 4 friends to join together then its just £15 per session per person.

We also have many public group training sessions per week where you can pay £10 per class or £75 per month for unlimited access.

I Suffer Chronic Pain And That Is Putting Me Off Going To The Gym. Can You Help Me?

You are in exactly the right place. We are well known for weight loss goals but our key area of expertise is pain management and resolution.

We assess your pain so we understand the problem – sometimes just having an explanation can be  great step forward – then we will programme your routines to not only side step the pain but to actually get rid of it.