Exercise Classes In The Bath Area

Our new improved exercise class programme is a varied and extensive offering. Imagine a community where everyone is on a journey of some kind. A supportive, encouraging and fun environment with no judgement. Add to this a world class facility and staff who pay attention to every detail and who genuinely care about you and your goals. What you are imagining exists here at Team Breakthrough Bath.

Class sizes are always limited enabling our training staff to give individual attention and ensure that everyone is carrying out all the exercises effectively and safely.

The current timetable is as follows:



10am – Burn (HiiT/CV)

11am – Cycle (Group Cycling)

1pm – Yoga (Strength/Core/Flexibility)

2pm – Fusion (Hybrid Training)

7pm – Burn (HiiT/CV)



9.15am – Vortex (Resistance circuits)

10am – Cycle (Group cycling)

11am – Strong (Resistance and strength training)

1pm – Barbell (Big lifts/Technique based)

4pm – Strong (Resistance and strength training)

6pm – Spine (Healthy back & Posture)

6pm – Fusion (Hybrid Training)

7pm – Burn (HiiT/CV)



9.15am – Vortex (Resistanvce circuits)

10am – Burn (HiiT/CV)

11am – Cycle (Group cycling)

12pm – Core (Core stability training)

1pm – Yoga (Strength/core/flexibility)

7pm – Strong (Resistance and strength training)



10am – Cycle (Group cycling)

11am – Strong (Resistance and strength training)

12.15pm – Vortex (Resistance circuits)

1pm – Flex (Flexibility and mobilsiation)

6pm – Cycle (Group cycling)

6pm – Barbell (Big lifts/Technique based)

7pm – Box (Boxing/Combat based CV training)



9.15am – Vortex (Resistance based circuits)

10am – Burn (HiiT/CV)

11am – Cycle (Group Cycling)

1pm – Core (Core stability training)

2pm – Fusion (Hybrid training)

4pm – ARMAgeddon (Bicep and Tricep focused training)

6pm – Burn (HiiT/CV)



8.15am – Vortex (Resistance circuits)

9am – Burn+ (Modified Strongman/strongwoman training)

9am – Fusion (Hybrid training)

10am – Box (Boxing/combat sport based CV training)

11am – Bells (Kettlebell training)

Special Offer

Pay for your Group Training monthly and for just £88.50 per month you can have unlimited access to all Group Training sessions. Normal cost per session is £12 so the more classes you use, the more you save. You can come to as many sessions as you like within a month for this price.