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In the Chippenham area, Team Breakthrough have dedicated personal trainers on hand for those who are keen to establish a fitness regime without the domineering environment that is the gym, break through a stubborn plateau or simply just boost their own self esteem. Our qualified personal trainers are here to help people of all fitness capabilities in the Chippenham area. We carry out our personal training on a one-to-one basis so our trainers can really get to know you and work with you to get you to your ultimate personal training goals. So, for tailored personal training in the Chippenham area, call Team Breakthrough and we can start you on your fitness journey.

Our Team Breakthrough trainers fully understand how difficult starting a fitness regime can be for our customers near Chippenham. They started on their fitness journey a long time ago and now want to help others on the same path. We offer our customers the latest equipment and facilities in the Chippenham area, making personal training more interesting and manageable. Our personal trainers also follow their own training plans, so as to keep themselves healthy and display to you that maintaining fitness in the long term can be done. Our personal trainers complete a body assessment before training begins and discuss your goals so you really do have a truly bespoke training package for your individual needs.

We make your personal training goals our training goals at Team Breakthrough in the Chippenham area. We have training equipment for the whole body and work with people of all body types around Chippenham too. So, when you come to Team Breakthrough for your personal training goals in the Chippenham area, you’re working with personal trainers who hold diverse knowledge in the human body and how to get it working effectively for the results you want. We never fail to push you to your limits, but we know when to pull back and give you a break. We strike the best balance to achieve the best results for our customers in the Chippenham area.

Just imagine seeing those results in the mirror.  Imagine Feeling the energy levels bubbling over. What will it feel like to get rid of that niggling back pain. Contemplate how empowered you will feel once you begin project ‘YOU’. Put your goals back to the top of the priority list and let the team help you with your Breakthrough whatever that may be!!!

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